2010 Scholars

Cara Valente-Compton (Political Science)

Truman Scholarship Recipient

Cara is a Political Science Major at the University of New Mexico, and plans to attend UNM School of Law. Politics has been her lifelong passion and she has staffed many campaigns, including five Presidential campaigns. Ultimately, Cara dreams of using her education to advocate for the people of New Mexico in a substantial and meaningful way. Cara is happiest when spending time with her husband and four young children, and is a ferocious Scrabble player.

Faculty Mentors/Recommenders:

  • Dr. Ellen Grigsby, UNM Political Science
  • Ms. Amanda Cooper, President, AJC Strategies
  • Senator Tom Udall, United States Senator from New Mexico

Katherine Cauthen (Biology and Psychology)

Barry Goldwater Scholarship (Honorable Mention)

Kate, a junior in Biology and Psychology, received honorable mention in the competition for the Goldwater Scholarship. She plans to pursue a doctorate in biology and conduct research in human evolutionary biology.She hopes to teach and research at the university level. She has been selected as a UNM nominee for Rhodes and Mitchell scholarships. She will be applying for those scholarships in October, 2010.

Faculty Mentors/Recommenders:

  • Dr. Randy Thornhill, UNM Department of Biology
  • Dr. Bruce Smith, UNM Department of Psychology
  • Dr. Angela Bryan, UNM Department of Psychology

Lisa Antonio (BA/MD and Language) - Native Health Care

Udall Scholarship Recipient

Lisa is a third year BA/MD student and a member of Laguna Pueblo. She believes that cultural sensitivity and language barriers are two areas of medicine that hinder health care professionals from providing quality health care to patients. hopes to improve New Mexico’s health care system by being a cultural bridge for her Native American patients, respecting both the traditional and modern ideologies of medicine while finding a balance between the two.

Faculty Mentors/Recommenders:

  • Dr. Tassy Parker, Director, Research, UNM Center for Native American Health
  • Dr. Gayle Dine'Chacon, Director, UNM Center of Native American Health
  • Ms. Karen McGillvray, Academic Advisement Specialist, BA/MD Program

Rita Martinez (Criminology) - Tribal Policy

Udall Scholarship Recipient

Rita is a citizen of the Pueblo of Laguna and a descendant from the Pueblo of Jamez. Many tribes face social, political and economic challenges that threaten and weaken their ability to maintain their cultural heritage. She plan to effectively develop and enhance tribal programs and policies to improving the lives on American Indian youth and families that are involved in tribal, state or federal justice systems. She hopes to be an advocate for effective tribal policies that preserve and strengthen tribal culture, language, and traditions.

Faculty Mentors/Recommenders:

  • Dr. Anwar Ouassini, UNM Sociology Department
  • Dr. Diana J. Torrez, UNM Sociology Department
  • Ms. Ada Pecos Melton, President, American Indian Development Associates