Goldwater Selection Committee

Thank you for your time and effort to serve in the NISF selection committee. For questions and concerns, please contact Kiyoko Simmons at 505-277-4211, or

Rating Sheet

Goldwater Scholarship Committee Guideline

  • Please review the application forms by by clicking the "Committee Login" above. You will receive your user name and password by email. The application deadline is October 31. I will send you the list of applicants on November 1st.
  • Please rank top 5 students in your rating sheet (#6).
  • Please send your rating sheets by the end of November 20 to Kiyoko by email (

The missions of the Goldwater Scholarship program

  • Foster and encourage excellence in mathematics, the natural sciences, and engineering
  • Protect U.S. leadership in science and technology by educating and training new generations equipped to meet ever‐increasing challenges
The characteristics the Goldwater review committee seeks in the scholar
  • Strong commitment to a career in mathematics, the natural sciences, and engineering
  • Student of promise who displays intellectual intensity in science, mathematics, or engineering
  • Potential for a significant future contribution in their chosen field
  • The Foundation does not strictly define “eligible” fields of study as it prefers to be inclusive, rather than exclusive, of majors appropriate for consideration.

Strong candidates

  • Strong candidates may have had the opportunity to participate in research. In their materials, the students discuss their research experience.
  • Students who may not have had opportunities for research will demonstrate intellectual curiosity in other ways, perhaps through independent investigation of theory or issue related to their fields of interest.
  • Many strong candidates have competed for and been awarded internships in research facilities or worked as lab assistants in local industry or at their postsecondary institutions. Other related types of employment are also helpful.
  • Abilities and potential are also shown by a candidate’s meeting significant responsibilities, involvement in mathematics/science/engineering related or student organizations, employment, independent investigation and research, early participation in graduate courses, and accomplishments outside the classroom.
  • Students who plan a career in secondary math/science education are not considered strong candidates for the Goldwater Scholarship.
  • Nearly all Goldwater Scholars intend to pursue doctoral degrees