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UK Scholarships

UK Scholarships includes Rhodes, Marshall, & Mitchell Scholarships. These scholarships provide American college students opportunities to study in the United Kingdom after their undergraduate degree.

You must compete among UNM students by submitting UNM Preliminary Application be nominated by your institute to apply these scholarships. Please attend one of information sessions in February to find out more about the application process. You will submit only one application form for all three scholarships. 

2019 UNM competition:

  • March 10 – Deadline of the UNM Preliminary Online Application (submit by 11:59 pm)
  • Early April – UNM Finalists Announced
  • Mid-April – UNM Finalists Interview

Rhodes, Marshall, Mitchell Applicants

The Rhodes, Marshall, and Mitchell scholarships application requires an institutional endorsement. All applicants of these UK Scholarships have to go through the institutional selection process first. The NISF selection committee will review your application and select several nominees from the University of New Mexico.

Application Process:

  • Attend the NISF information Sessions held in February.
  • Review each scholarship information - Rhodes, Marshall, Mitchell, PowerPoint Presentation
  • Submit the UNM Preliminary Online Application - The deadline is usually in March.
  • Finalists Interview - in April
  • Scholarship deadlines - early October.
  • UK School Search

Personal Statement

Rhodes, Marshall, Mitchell Nominees

Important Deadlines:

JuneConfirm Recommenders
July 1Marshall Essays Draft Due
August 15Finalize Marshall Application
Late AugustMock Interview with Rhodes Scholars and Committee
September 25Recommendation Letter Due
September Mitchell Application Due
October Final Submission of Marshall application
October Rhodes Application Due
Early NovemberMarshall Finalists Interview in Houston
November 16-17Rhodes Finalists Interview in Salt Lake City
November 16-17Mitchell Finalist Interview in DC

*Marshall Scholarship Essay "Proposed Academic Programme"

  • One page, single spaced, maximum 500 words
  • 3/4 of essay - regard to your first choice institution
  • 1/4 of essay - regard to your second choice institution
  • Identify the program or person you would like to work with
  • Focus your statement on how you fit into the program rather than the general details of the program
  • Write to an audience of both experts and laymen.
  • Contents you may include: What are you going to do? Why did you choose the particular university/program? Why does it need to be done? Why should we think you can do it?
  • Sample Proposed Academic Programme
Undergraduate Research
Honors College